Friday, 24 February 2012

About that.....

Really? No, really, really??? You have no idea how many times I have come to this blog and shut the computer. Reason 1 being, we have been sick, I say "we" because I have had the worst of it. I caught a cold four weeks ago and despite my healthy diet and vitamin regimine it Knocked me out. In the midst of my cold my kids got colds... The difference between my cold and my kids colds was mine was ten times worse and I am just getting over it, my kids colds were mild and they kicked that sucker in 3 days. They say, a healthy immune system does get sick but bounces right back... Which means my immune system is really not good. grrr. It's kept me from the gym for a solid week and a half. This week was epic for sure though, let the story begin:

Sunday I started to get a sore back, and it turned into the flu by monday morning with body aches, and chills. I was out. So, was Everett. We layed on the couch together all day and watched movies while Jack made grocery runs to soothe our little tummies (mine not so little). Everett again, bounce right back and by the end of the night he was as good as new. I was feeling okay but the virus settled in my neck, not so awesome. Monday night came, I did my first set of EyeLash training (yes. I am now an official Eyelasher? haha) I didn't cancel my appointment because I felt good, and duh, lashes are important.:) Jack took the kids away for the evening running around entertaining them, bless that man o mine he's so supportive.

That night I lay my wittle head down to try and get some sleep when the blasted sore throat settled in...ggrrrr. Also I was wide eyed and uncomfortable because my neck was still "KILLING" me. Um, you tired yet? Oh, we've only just begun? 2:00 a.m. Jane starts crying, Jack goes to check on her, throw up. Oh no, really? AHH!!! We brought her in our bed, more throw up. Poor thing she was so confused, I might have cried three different times because I was so helpless in making her feel better. I have never smelled such a horrible smell as what was coming from my pretty little thing. It was getting everywhere, we decided to put her pale little body in a warm bath. As we were doing this, Harry comes out of his room saying "I'm sick" goes to the toilet and throws up. At this point Jack and I look at each other with complete shock of "Really? Is this happening? This is a scene from those movies where you leave the movie saying, I am not having kids, those poor schmucks". Yep, that was us. Covered in throw up and changing sheets. Before I continue, I do have to say that we call Harrison a "Bear" the kid is built like a linebacker. He threw up once and then went to bed and showed no other signs of being sick, I like 'idolize' his strength to kick that darn flu to the curb. Alright, carrying on, by 4 am I have now lost track of how many times wittle Janey had thrown up. Jack and I both cuddled her down stairs and watched some T.V. together. In the early morning Jack also started to get the flu big surprise right? It was going to be a long day. He called in sick to work (which didn't happen he still worked the entire day poor guy). Jane finally was able to hold fluids and by about 4:30 am we all went to bed. The next morning or should I say a few hours later, Jane woke up as giddy and hyper as I have ever seen her.

This is a long story, I know, but I am amazed by it so here it is making it's mark in the blogger-roo. Remember that sore throat of mine? Still bad, Neck soreness? Still hurts. I did more lashes on Tuesday night, again, I was well enough to do them, and I was sure I wasn't contagious. By Wednesday morning I was up with Jack a 5 am me making Tea and getting a heating pad and Jack loading up the Business attire for his trip. I had had enough. This is rediculous. Really, I need to get better, this is annoying!!! I was doing all my natural remedies. grrr. Luckily by the evening I was feeling like I was finally getting better. Whew, thank goodness!

Thursday, I was rejuvinated! I cleaned! Organized! Went to IKEA got live fresh plants for my house, and scoured my house top to bottom. Such a good feeling! Oh, I forgot to mention that through this entire week the kids have been so good! They listened, played, were grateful, all the sticky sweet stuff we Mom's love. So, as a reward I took them to the Dollar Store (remember I like it there and they can pick any toy they want) to pick out a toy. Overall awesome incredible day! Feeling awesome! But, since my house was incredible clean I didn't want to get it messy with making dinner. We loaded into the car and went to Cafe Rio, oh, I had been craving me some sweet pork taco's. I devoured. The kids ate there quesadillas. We left content and full. Later that night Jack came home I was at a friends house getting my eyelashes done when I started to feel a little funny. I finished up my app. at 9:30 and at 10:30 I was in a hot bath wondering why I felt like I wanted to throw up. Yuck. Then I started getting super ticked off. Like FUMING! Can I get a break!!! Really??? This is outrageous!!! I was so tired I fell asleep but my sleep kept getting rudely interrupted by my yucky tummy. 2 am. vomit. rest of the night more yucky stuff. It dawns on me "Food Poisoning". This is the part in the story that makes me giggle like and insane locked up woman in a room full of coo-coo clocks. So have you had enough? Yeah, me too. I am recovering today, If any little thing goes wrong though (probably will) I cannot promise my mental state and what I might do. I have hit the wall. Get me out of this place!!! Bring me some good health why don't ya? Geez. Alright. That's what you've been missing, I know disappointed right? Every time you check and see if your favorite blogger in the world has updated her blog! That is the blow I send you. Cruel, I agree. We are ready for spring. Also, I am sorry about no pictures. We don't have a camera. broken. boo. lame me. :) Enjoy your weekend! Don't get sick!


Anne Peay said...

sorry you've all been so sick...i swear the entire country has been. but seriously it's been bad for a lot of friends here in PA with things like pnemonia. And if it makes you feel better we had pink eye in the house for 3 straight weeks. Pretty much the entire winter Meggie has had a cold or really bad cough with asthma at times. Sawyer has never had a fever...that's pretty good for almost 9 months.

Tis the season.