Thursday, 8 March 2012


I have started a new adventure called "Eyelash Extensions!" They are fun, gorgeous, and make your everyday makeup routine so simple. I love them especially with how busy I have gotten with my three kiddies. (are you loving my plug?) I am fully trained and have fallen in love with doing them. The lashes I use are amazing in quality and softness. I place a lash extension directly on every natural lash adding to it's length and thickness. The beauty of lashes is you don't need to ever put on mascara when wearing them (plug,plug,plug). A full set of lashes will last about 4 weeks before you need a fill.

I have just started a website for my small business Here's the best part of this 'oh so awesome plug', tell your friends!!! I am trying to grow my business and would love to get some people in here that I know or who has been referred by someone. Here's the sweet deal:
  • If you refer a friend you will receive $15 off your next eyelash fill (regular fill = $40.00/with the discount it'll only be $25.00!)
  • A Full set of lashes regularly cost $90.00. Now through the end of April I am doing a blogger promotion where a Full Set of lashes is only $45.00 (loving the plug right?:))
So, if you are interested or you know someone who would be, send them my way. :)) Thanks guys!!! Yes, I'm amazing, weren't you just thinking that reading through this post?

My Lash Salon.


-tracy said...

if i lived there i'd be all over it! betsys look amazing!

Jacki said...

I'm totally interested! I sent you a message on Facebook.

Anne Peay said...

i wish i could plug it but i'm a little to far away! good luck with your new biz!!

utah is so a head of the GAME with fashion/beauty. you never see people here with fake lashes...let alone even hear of or know of anyone that does them. you could do wonders here. maybe i should learn.

Errin said...

ahh! Sarah, my and my shorties are going to have to call you soon! I need some lashes and would LOVE to see you!
So fun

Charity said...

I am interested and think a consultation is in order! Ill try to send a message on FB.