Sunday, 1 April 2012

The big 3 for Harry

Today is Harrison's 3rd Birthday! What a cool kid he is. A few things about Harry: he is a big time snuggler, it doesn't matter what time of day he will crawl up in your lap. He loves Batman he has never seen the movie (obviously) or the cartoons (too little in my opinion to watch it). But it all started when I dropped Harry, Everett, and Jane at the Gym daycare 3 months ago and when I came to pick him up he said "Look what I found mom, Batman!" he was holding a Batman action figure. I told Jack about it and he immediately said we needed to get him his own Batman toy, because when Jack was little that was his favorite toy. We have now put posters on Everett and Harry's wall of Batman, Captain America, and Superman. He is kind, loving, a stinker at times, but overall such a light in our lives. I love his age, he is playing games with Everett and wanting to be Jane's "Big Brother".

Friday we celebrated his birthday with our family. Harry was so lucky to have all of our family there and especially excited when Grandpa and Grandma Passey came (and Rebekah). Grandpa Passey is Harry's favorite person.
We had a Batman Themed Birthday Party, here are a few pictures from his special day.
Apparently I am doing a jig in this photo and don't know why

Harry this Morning on his Birthday. Breakfast in bed.
I am so proud of Harrison. I am so grateful for his sweet spirit in our home. Happy Birthday Harry I love you so much! Your daddy and I are so proud of you!!!


Ashley Wood said...

Seriously, you are the cutest!!